It’s Not Me, It’s You

Kudos if you get the reference!**

An important aspect to Taking Control of your life is keeping check with your emotions. This is a building block of the R from our equation: E + R = O. Your response to events and people will be based on an initial emotional response. Your response is your responsibility and it is everything when it comes to achieving the result you want. It’s also a way to live more peacefully.

The approach I take when dealing with the difficult people in life is simple:


Taking it personally opens you up to world to all kinds of problems. Taking everything personally is the poison pill that you take and expect harm on the messenger. I’m here to tell you that nothing that anybody else says or does has anything to do with you. For a moment, think of a time when you said something to somebody and they misinterpreted what you said and took offense or became upset. You know that you meant it in one way, and they took it another way. They took it personally and that’s on them. Same goes for when people talk to you or about you (they’ll guise it as a form of criticism) but remember it’s about them. It’s not your fault they don’t have 100% responsibility for their lives. The next time you get angry about the actions of another give it a try. Start with the simple things that get you angry: the guy who cut you off in traffic or when somebody says something negative about a family member or co-worker.

You can’t control others, but by not taking it personally, you are not giving others the ammunition they need to inflict harm on you (emotional or otherwise). The next step is to remove those people from your life. If they do not add value to you during your pursuit of being the best that you can be, then they are detracting you from your path. It sounds harsh, but it’s the Simple Truth. Surround yourself with the positive thinkers who share your passion for self-actualization. This new environment is the support you need to spur your innermost dreams. Dump the toxic people and the sooner the better.

Remember: Illegitimis non Carborundum! and Know Where Your Towel Is

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Me, It’s You

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