Reality Check

I’m going to go back to my original question: Why are you here? My previous posts have centered around helping you find a sense of self by assessing the world around you so that you can begin to live a happier life. I’ve practiced what I’ve shared in previous posts – Blame/Complain, taking things personally, and not making wild assumptions about things and I have really made progress in understanding myself and leading a happier life. I’m not nearly where I want to be, but I understand that life is a marathon and not a sprint and each bit that I do today will result in long-term success.

Keeping the other pieces in your mind, there has to be a component that holds it all together. This essential part is to stand with your convictions and personal integrity (this one is about you). Everybody’s integrity is self defined and is very different. What I define as acceptable is different from everybody else. It doesn’t mean I’m more right or more wrong than you, it just means that I place my values on different things.

The things we say and do in life have an effect on our integrity whether we choose to acknowledge that fact or not. When we make the conscious effort to understand what we say and how we say them, it is easier to identify whether or not we are being true to ourselves. Its more profound and essential to stay in harmony with our integrity, than it is to do whatever is convenient at the time. The words we use to engage others are powerful because we use them to form agreements with people. When our intention aligns with our integrity to form an agreement, we move forward in a positive direction. It’s that feeling of accomplishment when we complete something of value that we wanted to obtain (that small section of the marathon that accumulates to long-term success).

When you’re not in alignment with your integrity, it’s detrimental to who you are as a person. When the use of your words are not rooted in your intent and integrity your agreements will have no value. This can be characterized by lying, gossip, arrogance, and resentment. The relationships and agreements that are built on these falsehoods are a house of cards waiting to crumble; and when it does, you don’t want to have to be alone.

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Reality Check

Truthful, Gentle, Fearless


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