Create a Relationship: Be Sincere

Relationships with people are probably the hardest thing to create, build, and maintain. They can be forced, coincidental, spontaneous, and even unlikely. But no matter the nature of a relationship, there must be mutual trust and a certain likeability for a relationship to build. A fundamental lesson that I learned when meeting people and creating relationships is share first, give always. With this approach, you can begin to establish value not only for yourself, but for the relationships you create.

This principle is simple. When meeting new people, don’t have the what can you do for me mentality. It’s the surest way to end the relationship before it even had the chance. When we push others to do things we create resistance and friction. The harder the push, the fiercer the resistance becomes. It’s the straight questions with sincerity behind them that matter. Truly mean it when you ask somebody How are you?. If you don’t mean it (because it’s the means to your selfish intent), they will pick up on it and it’s over. Taking a genuine interest in another person is what will help develop honesty and trust.

Being genuine and sincere when approaching people also helps attract new people. The energy you create about yourself will have a pull effect on the people around you and causes a ripple effect to those you meet to bring in new people, new relationships, and new possibilities. The relationships you create with the people in your life will intrinsically create mutual value for you because you become the median of the people you surround yourself with. Your sincere and genuine personality will provide the positive and supportive environment you need to succeed!

Measure your level of sincerity when you meet somebody for the first time or if it’s with a friend or acquaintance. Let me hear from you! Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter @alexdbarba!



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