The Power of Thank You

Saying Thank You is the most basic form of showing appreciation for something or somebody, but we often times take it for granted. We often blow through it so fast it’s been abridged to thanks or just thxIt may seem insignificant, but think of it as a reputation builder. People remember the people who show appreciation for others because they are the ones who care. It’s about being sincere. Think of the people in your life whether they’re family, acquaintances, co-workers, or employees. Chances are you may not know everything about them, but you’ll remember the ones who care and the ones who are ungrateful.

We’ve all seen the distinction between people who are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic in the ways that they process information. Auditory people need to hear it, visual people need to see it, and kinesthetic people need to feel it. Appreciation is experienced the same way. Visual people are more responsive to gifts: cards, letter, flowers, pictures etc. They can visually see these tokens of appreciation and know they are loved. The kinesthetic person, on the other hand, is more responsive to the physical contact of a hug or handshake. Identifying which style a person is can be the difference in making an impact on them when showing your appreciation. Think of the ways you show appreciation to people and determine if you’re being effective. The best practice is to find the balance among the styles and, of course, not being a sycophant.

Showing appreciation for others by thanking them for all that they do is a key fundamental to building relationships. They take the time to show you they care about you, so it’s your responsibility to return the favor. The positive symbiotic relationship that you create will attract others to your success circles and you’ll be invited to join others’ circles. But while you’re appreciating those around you, don’t forget to take the time to appreciate yourself. Go to your happy place, read that book you’ve been putting off because of work, sleep in late, do nothing for a day; point is: Do what make you happy. Do what you want to do. The only way we can begin to help others is by helping ourselves once in a while. A life of serving others is noble, but not when it’s to your own detriment.

I want to also thank you for reading and following my blog!

When was the last time you said thank you to somebody truly important? Let me hear from you! Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter @alexdbarba!


Thank You

Doing Nothing


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