Policy of Truth

We all tell the truth. Well, maybe half-truths. Okay, okay, so maybe telling the truth isn’t about the truth, but what we perceive to be the truth. Right? Good. No, it’s not good and justifying anything other than the truth is a lie fabricated to facilitate the means to an end.That end is to just get through it; whatever it is. But when we hedge on the truth, we bury ourselves in the lies, unresolved issues and tension, and never root ourselves in the reality that we really are in.

So here and now, I’m going to institute: a Policy of Truth. This is one of the most important agreements to make with yourself because it can be so difficult to commit to. The truth is uncomfortable, insulting, offensive, and vexing. It’s reality. The simple acknowledgement that you know you should tell the truth is inherent in all of us. It’s the practice of telling the truth is what eludes the best of us. Think of the truth as that insurmountable hill in front of us. We know in our core that the other side of the hill is our sanctuary. Where our authentic selves can shine. And yet, we hedge at the climb because staying on this side of the hill is apparently easier. But what really happens on this side of the hill is an internal conflict between the authentic you struggling to be free and losing to the doubter in you. The inner battle drains you of energy; the same energy that you could be directing toward your passion and relationships.

Instituting a Policy of Truth is the gateway of releasing that pent-up energy and allowing yourself to make room of the new vivacious energy you crave to pursue your dreams. It’s the perfect alignment with your authentic self that provides the guidance you need when telling the truth. You’ll want to consider what you say and how you say it when it comes time to tell the truth, but the time is now. Waiting for the “perfect” time is the best way to ensure being “too late.” In fact, when you tell the truth faster, you cut through the garbage that comes with silence and establish yourself as a trustworthy person will credibility so that when something happens in the future, people will know where you stand. They know they can count on you to speak your mind and mean it, you’re sincerity will begin speaking for itself.

Do you hedge on the truth? Why? When was a time you told the truth from the beginning and it paid off? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter @alexdbarba!


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