Knowing When to Quit

Knowing when to quit can be easy. It can also be the biggest mistake we can make. If we quit too early, then we didn’t try hard enough; if we quit too late, then we’ve wasted energy and time.Most people hate quitting out of fear of being labelled at “quitter.” But that’s not always the case. We’re only “quitters” if we haven’t tried our hardest in our efforts or given them enough time to lead to something better.

Knowing when to quit means we have to be paying attention. As we go through our lives, often times success leaves clues that let us know we’re headed on the right path. Look back your success book/log. How many of those success we’re because of a chance encounter that happened because you persevered that much more? The hard part is that we can also point to just as many failures where we can think “I should have quit when I had the chance!” The key is to identify the point in those endeavors and be able to recognize them in the future. As always, it’s easier said than done. Somebody once told me that these clues are everywhere, but I was looking in the wrong places.

When it is time to quit, do so gracefully and completely. Remember, just because it doesn’t mean anything for us anymore, it may matter to somebody else. We expect the same respect when others don’t believe in our goals. It’s also important to tie up the loose ends when we do decide to quit. There is nothing wrong with knowing that something isn’t for us. But by completing these loose ends, we allow ourselves the closure we need for our subconscious to let it go (you never know, that breakthrough that never seemed to happen may come when we decide to pack it in!). By letting it go, we allow ourselves to focus our energy on something new with our subconscious diversions back to our uncompleted pieces.

By not quitting when it’s time, it becomes a disservice to ourselves and those around us. We waste our time and efforts that could be better served by following our passions. We also waste the time and efforts of the people around us because they continue to work toward a goal that we don’t want to pursue. We don’t appreciate people wasting our time when we’re pursuing our goals, so don’t waste theirs.

When have you quit or let something go? Was it worth it? Did you finish your incompletes? Let me hear from you! Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter @alexdbarba!


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