Honoring Our Integrity

This post is a bit more personal in nature because I am going to share some personal perspectives and relate them to the principles I have shared over the course of my blog. The recent development about Gen. David Patraeus’ indiscretions serves as a learning opportunity for all of us when it comes to the agreements we make in life and the integrity we establish within ourselves. These behaviors are not new, probably more common than we want to admit, and will most definitely be prevalent throughout our lives. Not even some of the most famous and revered people have fallen: Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, and the list goes on. It can speak volumes of their character without them ever having said a word or even getting to know us.

What it comes down to is our integrity. It comes down to what we believe, the type of person we want to be, and the kind of lives we want to lead. The agreements we make in life, regardless of the nature of these agreements, are a part of the mosaic of our lives that define us. They define us because that’s how we want to be defined; by our own volition. If we want to be remembered for something,  The person who makes and breaks agreements is not the person we should want to be.

Sometimes the terms of our agreements change and that’s okay, but when they change, make it known that something is different. Sometimes they change for the better and sometimes they change for the worst; that’s the nature of life. It’s how we deal with that change that will define or alter our integrity. By engaging the change and seeking understanding is how we grow. The subversive, indiscretionary behaviors that so many engage in benefit nobody and deviate us from our integrity.

When we knowingly deviate from our authentic-selves and integrity, it can become a heavy burden. The longer we go without resolving the internal conflict the further away we become from ourselves. Only with a clear conscious can we move on and begin the process of getting in touch with our authentic-self. Even then, our integrity is forever changed. Those people who go through life denying this fact and justifying their behavior with fabricated bravado do so at their own detriment.

Think of the last time you found out about another’s indiscretion? How did you react? Was it somebody close to you? Let me hear from you! Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter @alexdbarba!

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