I am a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno with a B.S. Business Management and Administration.

I’m a young business professional trying to inspire others to find the leader within themselves with a passion for meeting new people to build new relationships.

I had the distinct pleasure of being the President of the Delta Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi for the Spring and Fall Semesters at UNR. My experiences in Deltasig have been transformational for me as I built new relationships with people who have unlimited amounts of potential. These relationships have been instrumental in my discovery of my passion to help people and guide them through their struggles with open engagement, understanding, and accountability.

My blog is unique because it’s written by me! I write when I’m inspired and I add my sense of humor and sarcasm to each post. You’ll also notice many references to outside stories like Calvin and Hobbes, The Office, and many others. This is because I love the poignancy and metaphors they can tell in a simple scene or caption. Stories are most effective when they are relatable and that’s why I try to find them through common media.

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